Introduction: in the aftermath of the so-called memory wars.

TitleIntroduction: in the aftermath of the so-called memory wars.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsBelli, RF
JournalNebr Symp Motiv
Date Published2012
KeywordsAdult, Child, Child Abuse, Sexual, Expert Testimony, Humans, Memory, Episodic, Repression, Psychology, Stress Disorders, Post-Traumatic, Suggestion

The term "memory wars" has been used by some to characterize the intense debate that emerged in the 1990s regarding the veracity of recovered memories of child sexual abuse. Both sides in this debate have been motivated by scientific and ethical concerns. Recent years have witnessed a burgeoning of relevant behavioral and neuroimaging evidence that when taken together, points the way toward reconciliation. All of the contributors to this volume acknowledge that true recoveries characterize a substantive proportion of recovery experiences and that suggestive therapeutic techniques may promote false memories. Disagreements continue to exist on the cognitive and motivational processes that can lead to true recoveries and the extent to which false recovered memories occur.

Alternate JournalNebr Symp Motiv
PubMed ID22303762