Sex Abuse and Murder: A Daughter's Repressed Memories or Lies?

TitleSex Abuse and Murder: A Daughter's Repressed Memories or Lies?
Publication TypeBroadcast
Year of Publication2014

Origional Airdate: February 17, 2014

Show: Dr. Phil Show

Tracy says that about three years ago, disturbing memories from her childhood began to surface about sex abuse and murder — involving her mother, Donna, and now-deceased father, Alan. Tracy claims that she and her sister, Kelly, were molested by their father and grandfather, and alleges that Donna killed Kelly’s best friend and buried the girl in their backyard. Donna and Kelly vehemently deny the claims, calling Tracy “delusional.” Emotions run high when Tracy faces her family on Dr. Phil’s stage, including Donna, whom she hasn’t seen or spoken to in more than a year. Is Tracy remembering actual events, or are these fictionalized memories? Plus, don’t miss part two tomorrow, when Donna agrees to take a polygraph test to clear her name. Will Tracy get the answers she’s looking for? This program contains strong sexual content. Viewer discretion advised.  


NOTE: The majority of her memories turn out to be false.  She was not date-raped, her father did not kill anyone (2 still alive, 1 never existed).