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Useful Wikipedia articles

The following wikipedia articles are useful in the memory wars:

False Memories – A Faulty Reconstruction

P. D. Sara Adaes, False Memories – A Faulty Reconstruction, 2014. [Online]. Available:

We tend to place too much trust our memory and firmly believe that everything happened exactly as we recall it, but false memories do exist. While the most intuitive examples are those resulting from specific psychiatric disorders, false memories can easily be created without any pathological trigger.

The Repressed Memory Myth

You may well get justice in Lilliput, but you are going to go through hell to get it in the United States. Although a victim of false allegations may have a valid civil rights claim for wrongful charges pressed against him, those most responsible for the persecution usually escape punishment.

Identification issues

State v. Chen, 27 A. 3d 930 - NJ: Supreme Court 2011

"...Consistent with the courts' gatekeeping function, the Appellate Division concluded that "trial courts should grant a request for a preliminary hearing when the reliability of the State's identification evidence is called into question by evidence of highly suggestive words or conduct by private actors that pose a significant risk of misidentification." Id. at 82, 952 A.2d 1094."


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