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Identification issues

State v. Chen, 27 A. 3d 930 - NJ: Supreme Court 2011

"...Consistent with the courts' gatekeeping function, the Appellate Division concluded that "trial courts should grant a request for a preliminary hearing when the reliability of the State's identification evidence is called into question by evidence of highly suggestive words or conduct by private actors that pose a significant risk of misidentification." Id. at 82, 952 A.2d 1094."

Admissibility of Repressed Memories

Rule 403

In Clark v. Edison, 881 F. Supp. 2d 192 - Dist. Court, D. Massachusetts 2012 the court warned that "...the jury might interpret testimony that a person's behavior is "consistent with" that of someone who has repressed memory of a traumatic experience as being testimony that the person actually experienced the phenomenon. All these risks, taken together, demand that a court exercise caution in admitting expert testimony of the kind at issue here..."  

The False Memory Archive: Did that really happen?

K. A. T. E. HILPERN, The False Memory Archive: Did that really happen?, The Independent, 2014.

"I have a strong memory of being a boy in a car driving along a country road in Suffolk," recalls a man who I will call Adam. "Rounding a corner near home, we swerved, narrowly avoiding a milk float. The milk float ended up on its side, covering the road in milk. I can still picture the road, a large oak tree and the milk sloshing about, despite the fact that the boy in the car was my father. I have never lived in Suffolk."


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